loose ducks

Zuzana Gedeon

Directing reel - Comedy
Directing reel - Drama
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A film director, actress and a writer based in Montana. I grew up in Czechoslovakia, and in the wake of my move to America, the state split in two parts. With an MFA degree in Science and Natural History Filmmaking, hundreeds of short videos under my belt and plethora of directing and acting classes , I am currently working on my first feature film.

early technology 3D head scan of Zuzana's face, looking like a lot of dots, augmented with modern AI to show her torso and fill in a mostly empty space around her

"When you feel you can go no further consider taking just one more beautiful stride"- Zuzana

Awards list Kids. Zuzana's older brother, armed with toy pistols is protecting a cake, while their their mom fetches something from cupboards

Screenshot from The Last Bark, medium closeup of Zuzana looking back from the car flying in the clouds

Zuzana Gedeon (she/her) is a film director with a bright and intellectually curious mind, and a warm and loving personality. She is driven by a desire to explore unusual worlds, events, and characters, and to walk the unbeaten path. As a professional independent woman, she understands the challenges of trying to keep all the ducks in a row, but she is able to find love and positivity in almost any situation. After loosing her daughter to a rare disease, Zuzana traveled to Kyoto, visited shrines and temples, managed to elbow her way through a line of little kids toward Buddha's nostril in Nara, and squeezed through it. According to local belief that means she will be enlightened. Embracing both her Yang and Yin sides drives her to create films filled with love, acceptance, and understanding, without judgment. While cooped up in 2020 she decided to catch up what directors usually do as kids: run around and make terrible movies to improve her craft. She studied directing, writing, acting, and creating scripts and short films. Her hard work paid off as she received several awards for her work. As a dual citizen with US and EU passports, Zuzana is always looking for new and exciting opportunities to tell stories and she is passionate about using her talents and skills to create a more harmonious and balanced world.

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